Just so you’re AWARE…

The AWARE Anderson County topic for October is resilience. Developing resilience in young people is a big part of the foundation of the AWARE program. In fact, one of the primary goals for the program nationally is to help young people learn about dealing with the difficulties of life. Bouncing back when those difficulties show up at your door is what developing resilience is all about.

The truth is, all of us are going to face circumstances in our lives that are going to knock us down. Those happen to adults just like they do in the lives of our children. They happen to professional athletes, business leaders, and your next-door neighbor. Sometimes those tough times are on display for the whole world to see in our sports arenas and on the news.

Our children need to know that these difficulties are part of growing up. Things happen that knock us down, but we don’t have to stay down. There are countless examples of famous people who wouldn’t have been famous if they had let setbacks be defeats. We all know stories of people who turned what looked like a terrible situation into the motivating factor that launched who they became.

There are some things you can do to develop resilience in your children.

  • Talk to them about what it means to get back up and tackle things again.
  • Model resilience for them when you experience a setback.
  • Take advantage of teachable moments when resilience is on display during a sporting event or national news story. There have been plenty of great examples of resilience during the recent hurricane events where people have shown the grit to bounce back.
  • Encourage children to keep going. Teach them to not give up hope because of a failure.
  • Challenge each other to be there for one another when difficulties arise. Let them know that failure doesn’t define who they are in your eyes.

Let your children know that experiencing failure and disappointment are part of the growing process. We can learn from those times when we get knocked down if we have a determination to keep getting back up and giving it another try.