Just so You’re AWARE….. EFFORT

The AWARE topic for the month of April is effort. During this time of the year annually, college basketball teams from across the country are chasing the coveted National Championship Trophy during March Madness. Countless hours of effort through practices, training sessions and games prepare teams in both the men’s and women’s tournaments for this Road to the Final Four and the championship games.

What causes a team with a long history of success to lose to a lesser-known team during tournament action? Have these teams not put in effort throughout the season to allow their team to succeed? They absolutely have put in tremendous amounts of effort to put themselves in a position to compete for a championship. However, effort is not a one-time thing or a sometimes thing. To maintain the level of success they hoped for entering the tournament, maximum and sustained effort is the key to their ultimate success. Effort is an all the time thing.

A hard truth for all of us is simply that effort is something that comes from within us. Your parents, coaches, teachers, siblings, other family members, or anyone else in your life, can’t make you give a good effort in everything you do. You control the amount of effort you put into anything. You control whether you show up at school with the right attitude and the willingness to give everything your best effort. Your teachers, parents, and other can certainly encourage your best efforts, but you have to make a decision to put in the effort that is necessary to succeed.

All of us have areas in life that we enjoy, so it is easy to give great effort toward those areas. It could be a particular subject in school you like more than others. It could be a sport or hobby that you love. However, it’s when we have that subject in school where we have struggled a little, or there is one part of a game we love where we don’t excel, where we have to put on more steam and give more effort.

Effort also makes a huge difference in our personal relationships. You have to put effort into being friends with your classmates, neighbors, teammates, family members, folks you attend church with, and others in your life. Relationships are best when both people put in the effort to help each other be better people. Everyone has this kind of effort within themselves. Discover it and practice it, and you will be amazed at how your relationships get better.

Effort can be the difference maker in your life. Effort can be the one thing that you bring to the table that separates you from your classmates, teammates, and those you compete against. Effort can also be contagious as others around you see the type effort you give in everything you do and want to match your effort. One of the best things anyone can ever say about you is that they never have to question how much effort you give. Lead through your effort!